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Art can achieve the politically impossible.
Eschewing simplistic categorisations such as ‘social practice’ or ‘community art’ I prefer to think of my practice as ‘art-as-intervention’; an activist masquerading as an artist (or is it the other way around?), seeking to create platforms for the empowerment of willing participants, inviting the audience into political spaces reimagined and providing opportunities to gather round, get in, overwrite, undo and become undone. 

Projects tend to be site specific; developed over many months with the local community, often culminating in large scale immersive installation which invites the audience to become a collaborator - but does not attempt to force pseudo-relationships between viewer and artist. I like to ask questions, and have found that if someone has an answer, they will probably share it. Rather than producing work to be received by an art educated audience, I prefer to utilise art-world resources to develop programmes for political consciousness raising. There are no expected outcomes, only possible actions.

Exhibitions, Awards & Residencies


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